I have nearly two decades of experience as an IT leader where I’ve directly hired hundreds of team members.  In addition I am a certified career coach and have helped countless people from high school students and college interns to executives with their information technology resumes, cover letters, job searches, and interview preparation and guidance.

I lost my job at one point and never saw it coming. My support group, determination, and calculated efforts aligned with my knowledge of resumes, cover letters, job searches, and interviews helped me to get through it with flying colors landing on the other side even better than I was before.  If you want to hear more about my story, check out my book, Loss to Boss; How to Find a Job

My goal is to help others in IT with career changes or bouncing back from job loss so Contact me if you are interested in some help!

Keep pressing on and remember; You are valuable!  You are strong!  You can do it!

Exceeded expectations

Losstoboss really evaluated my needs and requirements and applied them in a way that exceeded my expectations. I owe them a debt of gratitude for the amazing work they’ve done articulating my expertise in my field in a more concise, technical manner. Equipped with my retooled resume, I feel confident re-entering the job markent. thank you.


Contacted by recruiters within 1 day

I was contacted by recruiters within 1 day of delivery of the material.

I Recommend this guy to everyone. Really helpful. – Anonymous

Above and beyond

He went above and beyond and delivery was fast! He provided great materials besides too. Thanks for your services brother! – abenezernuro

Knows his stuff

He knows his stuff and goes above and beyond to deliver. He also is able to consider you and your individual situation. No template here. Full recommendation. – dropbass

Tips and Tricks

Very fast and thorough. Thank you for all the tips and tricks to get my experience noticed. -tracy_enos

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